Saturday, June 14, 2014

Father's Day

What do you get for your Dad of the Year?
How about a cake made of ice cold beer...

This was one of the easiest craft gifts ever.  It took 30 beers, 3 cake rounds from Hobby Lobby, some ribbon, Washi tape, bakers twine, and 2 cake pop sticks.  Done and done.  Voila!

Blake Olivia: 9 months

What's been happening this month:

  • Whisper Babbling.  It sounds like kakakaktatatata.  Aunt Kylie swears she is saying "hi Ky"
  • She is still normal babbling also.  Lots of momomomomomom and dadadadadada.
  • Blake is giving kisses.  They are wet ones with an open mouth but we love them.
  • She super ticklish now and loves to be tickled.  She cracks up before you even touch her. 
  • She still loves her baby and is sleeping with her.
  • She is sleeping on her side.
  • Second bottom tooth cut through and we have signs of the two top teeth.
  • Blake is waving hi and bye bye.
  • Sleeping through the night a little bit more and we have stopped co sleeping and I'm trying the pick up/put down method again.  That is the Baby Whisperer and The No Cry Sleep Solution method.   It has been working pretty well. 
  • I have switched to Cheerios from Gerber Puffs and Blake loves them.  Her fine motor skills are really good and she figured out how to feed herself pretty easily.  
  • We had a serious heat wave for about a week so Blake spent her days in a diaper sucking on ice cubes through the mesh bag pacifier things.  
  • She also learned to drink some water from a cup and water bottle.  I don't giver her water regularly yet but she enjoys practicing with the cup.
  • She is still not crawling yet but she is soooooo close.  She's just really mellow and doesn't have a huge drive to get across the room.  She's always able to get to the thing that she wants though.  The doctor had us a little freaked out about this.  She wasn't concerned with crawling but at Blake's 9 month appointment she said she was delayed because she isn't pulling up to standing independently and cruising.  Personally, I thought 9 months is a little early to be so concerned.  She is still totally in the normal zone and has not been early on any other of her milestones.  She also has really good verbal and fine motor skills so I'm not going to let the doctor get to me....yet.
  • We moved again.  We are so happy in our new house but moving with a baby is incredibly hard.  We had to have an extra person there at all times to help with the baby.  Luckily we have tons of family around us to help out.  
  • Cody has started "helping" with night wakings.  There have been a few times when I didn't wake up immediately when she started to fuss.  Cody makes sure to come to my bedside and wake me up with a bark, growl, or a paw nudge :)