Thursday, February 18, 2016


Recap of 2015

I got a job as a SLPA at Cornerstone Therapies. I love doing therapy and have awesome clients but it's hard to be away from Blake. It will be even harder leaving 2 kids but I think it's good for all of us:

We got Disneyland passes:

 Frozen on Ice blew. her. mind:

I got preggo with Tanner:

Blake was a flower girl in the Bastien wedding:

We are still loving living in Seal Beach:

Princess dresses rule our lives (even at naptime):

Blake turned 2 at Disney (and enjoyed the chocolate cake they gave her at Ariel's Grotto):

We went to Hawaii:



As you can see, we have had an amazing year!

Goals for 2016:

1. Spend as much quality time with my kiddos as possible. Have some fun adventures.
2. Have a few date nights.
3. Start saving some money. It's time to get serious.
4. Carve out a little "me" time. Get back in shape, relax a little, read, have a girl's night.
5. Quit Tsunami. I want real weekends.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tanner James: 1 month

One month down and it has been so easy.  I get to really enjoy every moment home with both my kiddos because I don't have any of that first time mom stress and anxiety. We have been making the most of every day and doing as much as possible, while still making sure to have lots of relaxing down time for bonding.    
  • Tanner is eating like a pro and has been since the first day.  He was already almost up to birth weight at the 2 day doctor appointment.  At the 2 week, he was up to 8lbs 9oz from 7lbs 1oz leaving the hospital.  He does spit up a lot but we aren't too worried about that, it seems to be a laundry problem only.  He also eats fast.  It's such a change from Blake, who took an hour to eat every time. 
  • He is super noisy.  He grunts and snorts all day long.  It's pretty cute.  Blake says he sounds like Peppa Pig.
  • He's so easy-going and just goes with the flow.  He sleeps under any light or noise conditions, which is convenient because his sissy is often screaming and running through the house during the day.  
  • We have been going everywhere because he's so easy.  I started doing things right away.  He has been to a dinner party with the girls, visits to MiMi's and Grammie's, Knott's Berry Farm, Disneyland, a baby shower, a birthday party, the park, the beach, story time at the library, a Superbowl party, my office, My Gym, countless walks, several doctor appointments (mine and his), tons of dinners out, and trips to Target and the grocery store. We have been very busy. :) 
  • He has quite a bit of hair and it's darker than Blake's.
  • He grew out of the newborn diapers and newborn clothes by the 2nd week.  We are in the size 1 diapers and have not started cloth yet. 
  • He loves to be swaddled and is 50/50 on the pacifier.
  • He is sleeping in his Halo Swivel Sleeper Bassinest, which is the coolest bassinet ever.  He also sleeps with me when I can't get him back in the bassinet.  This time around I'm not going to make myself crazy with sleep deprivation.  We just do what works and yes we are being safe when co-sleeping. 
  • He sleeps a lot still. Napping on and off during the day with a few short periods of wakefulness in the morning and in the evening.  At night he sleeps really well (up only once or twice usually). Of course I get up and change him and feed him but it does not seem hard like it did the first time.  We are pretty rested.  Maybe because he goes back to sleep pretty quick.  I'm sure I will feel differently when I got back to work. 
  • I don't need to pump so I haven't been and that makes all the difference.  I feel free.  Pumping sucks!
  • He makes tons of funny faces and smiles a lot.
  • He loves being in my Solly Baby Wrap.  I also use the Ergo because it's easier to nurse in but the infant insert is kind of a pain so I've been using the wrap more. 
  • We got a cool double stroller for our walks that Blake can stand up on so we are getting used to that still. 
  • I'm still obsessed with his smell, especially his head. It's like a drug. 
  • I seem to have less ADHD symptoms which is weird because the opposite is supposed to be true.
  • I got pink-eye. Ugh, the worst. I followed the advice of many mommies and put my breastmilk in it.  Gone in less than a day. I know doctors disagree but it works.
  • We survived a cold that Blake picked up at Story Time. She had a pretty miserable stuffed up nose for a few days and I panicked that Tanner would get it so I washed all our hands obsessively and sprayed Lysol on everything.  I thought we were in the clear as she came out of it but a day later Tanner had a stuffed up nose.  It lasted less than a day (yay for the antibodies in breastmilk) and he is totally fine. As a side note, I recommend the snot suckers like the Nose Frida for every mom out there. They work SOOOOO much better than the bulb syringe.  
  • Kyle and I both think he looks really different than Blake but most everyone else says they look the same :/ 
  • Blake is so in love with him and with being a big sister.  She asked to hold him all day long, gushes over how "tiny" and "cute" he is and gives him tons of kisses. It was hard to tell her no she couldn't kiss him during the days she was sick :(
Overall, it has been an amazing month.  I feel like I could do this at least one more time but hopefully two more.  Now to convince Kyle that we need two more kids...