Friday, April 15, 2016

Tanner James: 3 months

What's been happening this month:
  • Lots of smiles and laughing.
  • He is super ticklish.
  • Loves taking baths but cracks up in anticipation of being tickled when I wash in his neck rolls.
  • Getting really chunky.
  • He is starting to lose his hair and its kind of patchy.  It's not the best look.
  • He is still the most easy going, chill baby. He doesn't mind tummy time. He can and will go from wide awake to asleep all on his own, although I nurse him to sleep anyway because I like to.  He never cries.  He just so happy all the time.  
  • His neck is getting really strong and he's more and more sturdy every day. 
  • We got a swing and he loves being in there.  Blake never really liked the swing.
  • He tries to mimic our facial expressions and coos. 
  • My milk supply is still really good.  That's making things less stressful this time.
  • My nursing aversion is almost completely gone. I'm so glad I finally have a name to what I was experiencing. I had it in the beginning with Blake also and never could figure it out after many hours of Googling.  I described it as itching or that my nerves felt like they were going crazy when I was feeding Blake.  I would scratch and tear at my face and neck whenever I was feeding Blake in the beginning.  Then it went away and I forgot about it.  Then I had Tanner and it started up again. This time I Googled "skin feels like it's crawling while nursing baby."  Up popped all this info about nursing aversion.  I seem to have a mild case since all it really does is make my skin feel creepy and sensitive but some people get bad feelings toward their children which is terrible I'm sure. Anyway, it's gone now, yay!
  • I went back to work which is going fine but still sucks. Thankfully he's easy on all of our baby sitters and Blake is a great big sister helper.