Sunday, October 2, 2016

Tanner James: 8 months

  • Finally my hair started falling out. It's not as bad as it was with Blake but I did start noticing it.
  • He started the month with an army crawl and ended with real crawling. He's a man on the move now.
  • Eating more chucks now and downing the Puffs.
  • He had his first non-preferred food. Avocado. Although he does like it mixed with other foods. He even kept eating it like a little trooper.  He just made terrible faces while chewing haha.
  • He's still so smiley and loves to laugh.
  • He loves to be scared/startled and cracks up
  • He's on the go constantly and it's rare to get cuddles anymore.
  • He is pulling up to standing on anything he can get his hands on and starting to cruise along furniture.
  • He's waking up more at night which is kind of annoying.
  • He is also sooo quiet. No real babbling or anything.  He is not yet imitating either and it's driving me crazy.  I'm working with him as much as I can and I know it will come with time.  

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Tanner James: 7 months

  • Over the past month he's had bananas, peaches, carrots, peas, corn, sweet potatoes, apples and avocados.  So far he LOVES food. :)
  • His hair has grown so much.  It's much darker than Blake's was and has a little tiny bit of red tint to it.  It has a mean cow lick in the back that sticks straight up. Haha.
  • His eyes are still blue.
  • Spit up has really slowed down now but is still happening occasionally.  The doctor diagnosed him with reflux at the last appointment but we aren't doing anything about it because it doesn't seem to bother him.  I do hear him coughing in his sleep though as a result of the reflux. We might have the doc check it again just to make sure.
  • We went to the OC Fair. 
  • Tanner sleeps in a regular sleep sack now.  He likes to be cozy.
  • He got his fat thigh stuck in the crib bars. He was just in a diaper and it was hot so he got it really jammed in there.  It was a little scary but I kept my cool and finally worked it out.  He had a little bruise though :( 
  • He's learned how to blow raspberries and does it non-stop.
  • He's sitting up all on his own now.  It's nice to have another position to set him down in.
  • He's still a good napper and sleeping through the night some nights.
  • Blake loves helping out with him. She is such a good big sister.  She kisses him and tells him she loves him all the time.  They are so sweet together.
  • Busy, Busy, Busy.  He wants to be held but also wants to be put down but also wants to spin around in your arms.  He's all over the place on the floor too.  Really close to crawling but not quite there yet.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Tanner James: 6 months

  • We survived Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease.  Oh man that was bad.  I thought Tanner had a drool rash (which now I think he did have along with the HFM) but as the rash spread, we decided to go to see the doc.  He was diagnosed at first sight and they informed us that it was going around like crazy and is very contagious.  Unfortunately, you can get it over and over so it might be in our future also.  It seems to be the most common childhood disease around here.  We all had it but Blake and I had hardly any symptoms.  I had a fever and sore throat for a couple days and Blake had a runny nose.  Tanner had a rash all over but was otherwise pretty happy.  Kyle, on the other hand, GOT. IT. BAD.  I felt so bad for him.  It was head to toe and very uncomfortable.  The sore throat especially.  It's so weird how it affected us all in different ways but the doctor said that's typical.  The very last symptom Tanner and Kyle had came about a month after they were healthy again.  Their nails started falling off. So weird!
  • We went to Cabo.  Tanner's first vacation :)  We had such a good time.  Blake had the time of her life playing in the pool and Tanner loved cruising the pool with me in the water sling.  
  • Tanner is rolling all over the place and can get across the room in the 2 seconds you turn your back.  We have to watch him pretty closely. Especially since he puts everything he can get his hands on in his mouth.  He is really close to being able to sit up unassisted.  He can do it for a few seconds on his own but still topples over.
  • Spitting up is finally slowing down.  
  • We started solid foods and he LOVES it.  He's had bananas and peas so far and can't get the food in his mouth fast enough.
  • His hair is getting really thick now but it sticks straight up at the top of his head :)
  • He's sleeping in the crib and with us still and takes good long naps during the day.
  • He's still such a happy and easy baby.
  • My hair hasn't fallen out which is a nice surprise.
  • Concerts in the park started so we have been doing that weekly.  Tanner loves to ride in the Ergo and watch the other kids playing and listen to the music.
  • He officially has "real" poop, which we aren't too excited about :)
  • He's still making sounds but I would like a little more out of him.  I'm constantly singing and making animal sounds and babbling at him.  He must think I'm nuts.  

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tanner James: 5 months

What's been happening this month:

  • He found his toes.  I don't know why but it's just the cutest thing ever when they start grabbing their feet.
  • We are using the Zipadee Zip now instead of the swaddle.
  • He's such a happy baby.  He loves to smile and be smiled at.
  • He's weighing in at 16 pounds.
  • Still spitting up. Ugh
  • We got out the Baby Einstein Bouncer.  He loves it.  That is the best baby product.
  • Rolling over a lot and starting to roll from back to tummy.
  • Gnawing on anything he can get into his mouth.  He especially likes our fingers and his own toes.
  • He had a really bad drool rash.  Or so I thought...  More on that in month 6.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tanner James: 4 months

What's been happening this month:
  • Scooting around all over. He tries to scoot on his booty out of the bouncy chair and swing.  He has to be buckled at all times now. He can also turn himself completely around when laying on his back.
  • Still swaddled but gets his arms out a lot.
  • Still in bassinet and sleeping with us.
  • He is waking up more at night since I have gone back to work.  I don't really mind it since I get extra cuddles at night.
  • I'm back to pumping, so that's annoying.
  • I've had a lot more trouble losing weight this time around so Kyle got me a Fit Bit for my birthday.  It's helping a lot.
  • He still spitting up a ton.  It's frustrating for all of us.  We all need an extra change of clothes at all times.
  • He is super snuggly and loves to be held, worn in a sling, and cuddled.
  • Rolling over from tummy to back.
  • He doesn't mind his tummy time and will hang out there for a while.
  • He has set a predictable schedule with a long afternoon nap but is pretty flexible too.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Tanner James: 3 months

What's been happening this month:
  • Lots of smiles and laughing.
  • He is super ticklish.
  • Loves taking baths but cracks up in anticipation of being tickled when I wash in his neck rolls.
  • Getting really chunky.
  • He is starting to lose his hair and its kind of patchy.  It's not the best look.
  • He is still the most easy going, chill baby. He doesn't mind tummy time. He can and will go from wide awake to asleep all on his own, although I nurse him to sleep anyway because I like to.  He never cries.  He just so happy all the time.  
  • His neck is getting really strong and he's more and more sturdy every day. 
  • We got a swing and he loves being in there.  Blake never really liked the swing.
  • He tries to mimic our facial expressions and coos. 
  • My milk supply is still really good.  That's making things less stressful this time.
  • My nursing aversion is almost completely gone. I'm so glad I finally have a name to what I was experiencing. I had it in the beginning with Blake also and never could figure it out after many hours of Googling.  I described it as itching or that my nerves felt like they were going crazy when I was feeding Blake.  I would scratch and tear at my face and neck whenever I was feeding Blake in the beginning.  Then it went away and I forgot about it.  Then I had Tanner and it started up again. This time I Googled "skin feels like it's crawling while nursing baby."  Up popped all this info about nursing aversion.  I seem to have a mild case since all it really does is make my skin feel creepy and sensitive but some people get bad feelings toward their children which is terrible I'm sure. Anyway, it's gone now, yay!
  • I went back to work which is going fine but still sucks. Thankfully he's easy on all of our baby sitters and Blake is a great big sister helper.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Tanner James: 2 months

Tanner has been smiling and interacting with us a lot this month.  I love the sound of his coos.  He is growing like crazy and is almost 13 pounds.  He is wearing 3-6 month size and grows out of clothes quicker than I can keep up.  People comment on his size a lot but he's actually only in the 50th-ish percentile.  He is also up to size 2 in disposable diapers too.  He wears mostly cloth at home now but I'm still using both because he goes through quite a few a day.  I know he's getting enough to eat but he sure does spit up a lot.  I'm getting used to smelling like puke for most of the day.  Maybe I should slow down on the Mother's Milk Tea.  Could have an oversupply this time :).  He's still really mellow and easy and a good sleeper.  He wakes up one or two times at night and goes back to sleep quick.  He sleeps in the bassinet most of the night and then with me in the early morning hours.  Blake is sleeping with us too.  It's kind of nice having both my kiddos with me at night and I'm sure I will like the time with them once I'm back to work.  I use the velcro Swaddle Me swaddlers for sleep and he likes it.  He sometimes gets his hands out but I think I will keep using them for a little while longer because it really helps him stay asleep. I got some of the new hip trendy pacifiers and of course he's not interested.  In case you're interested they are Natursutten natural rubber pacis.  Neither of my kids really took to the pacifier.  Who knows, maybe he will later.  For now he gags on it and spits it out. 

Blake is still enjoying being a big sis and wants to be called sissy :-) 

My favorite thing this month: I got a Sakura Bloom sling and I am obsessed with it.  I have a problem with buying baby carriers.  I just love keeping him close to me and he loves to be held.  The sling is lightweight, compact (fits in my purse or diaper bag), easy to use, and looks beautiful. 

I'm really trying to enjoy my last few weeks off work with lots of quality time and fun with the kiddos.  I'm also trying to mentally prepare to the transition back to work.