Saturday, July 21, 2012

Home Tour

I turned our old coffee table into a bench seat by the front door of our new place.  The cubbies underneath are perfect for shoes and I hung some pictures and a chalk board with hooks for the dog leash, keys, hats, etc that are usually laying around the house.  The only problem was that because it's a coffee table not a bench, I couldn't find a cushion for it.  I decided to make one but because I can't sew (next on my list of things to learn) I had to get creative.  I bought foam and fabric from Joann's.  I wrapped the foam up like a present and pinned the under side with safety pins.  It didn't quite look finished so I added tufts.  I don't know the official way of doing this but I just doubled up some string and with a large needle I poked right through the middle of the cushion and then tied it in a tight knot on the under side.  For not knowing what I was doing, I have to say they turned out pretty well.  Imagine what I will be able to do when I learn to sew :)

 The day we moved into our new place, we ordered Chinese.  This was the fortune we got and kept it because we thought it was fate :)

 Cody seems to enjoy sitting up here :)

 Our house is always a work in process but for now we are pretty comfortable here.  Here's a peek into our living room.

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