Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blake Olivia: 7 months

What's been happening this month:

  • We started solid foods.  She pretty much hates it.  We keep trying but she gags at everything (sweet potatoes, avocados, peas, oatmeal, bananas, apples).  Every flavor and every texture.  I did, finally, have some success with avocados yesterday in bigger chucks.  She might just be one of those babies who hates the mush :)
  • At her doctor appointment she was a little low in weight, story of her life, so the doc said to keep trying with the high fat foods like avocados and egg yolks (not the whites which are the part people can be allergic to).
  • We are still trying to do a schedule to help with sleep.  I'm not sure if she's getting better or I'm getting used to it.  Maybe both but we have had a few nights where she slept through and some others with 5-6 hours stretches so I think that's an improvement :)
As a positive bonus, her schedule is really good for me.  I get a lot more done when I'm organized and forced to do it.  I have a natural tendency toward lazy which makes me feel terrible so keeping to a schedule really helps.  I also read somewhere once that people with ADHD had amazing improvements when they had children because of the schedule they put their baby on.
  • We have been going to Beach Fit Moms which is a beach workout for moms and we bring the babes.  Blake is the youngest there and she usually makes it until about half way, which is cool because I need a break about then ;)
  • Blake is sitting up all by herself.  And for pretty long periods of time too.  She still topples over when she reaches too far for something though.
  • I discovered the hip carry position on the Ergo Baby which has been awesome because she didn't really like the Ergo anymore.  She wants to see what's going on and front facing in the sling isn't completely "hands free".  Here's a link to a video on how to do it. 
  • We are totally off the swaddle now and exclusively using the Zipadee Zip.  I'm glad I waited until she was ready instead of being pressured by the pediatrician.  The nurse practitioner told me to just take it away, lay her down, and walk away.  Haha ya right.  Also, we will never let them give us an appointment with her again :)
  • She almost gets up on her knees during tummy time.  One step closer to crawling!
  • We have had a couple nursing strikes/low supply issues this month.  I'm not sure if she caused it or it caused her to be frustrated but it was just a gentle reminder to never get lax on the breast milk supply maintenance.  It's a full time job.  For me at least.  Totally worth it but something I always have to pay attention to.  

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