Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Blake Olivia: 10 months

This month's little photo shoot was not a huge success.  She was clearly not in the mood for this and I didn't have a plain white onesie in her size so I tried to cover up the writing on one with her month sticker.  I'd try again but it's just too much trouble.  I kind of like these pics anyway.  She rarely cries so these are pretty funny.  

This one cracks me up.  The look on her face says so much.  I really pissed her off ;) 
Also, she is the spitting image of my sister. 

What's been going on this month:

  • Her hair is finally really starting to grow.  I was worried there for a bit that I would be doing headbands forever.  Her curls in the back are the cutest and she has hair exactly like her mom and dad.  Blonde with natural curls (yes Kyle and I have really similar hair).  Sorry girlie, you will need to learn early how to use that flat iron because frizz runs in the fam on both sides.  
  • She is (some of the time) waving, clapping, & kissing.  She's also understanding more signs now and is sometimes doing them back.  She can do "all done" and she understands "nurse/breastfeed" and "more".  When I make the sign for nursing she gets a huge smile on her face.  It's really cute.  Now that she is understanding more I'd like to start doing more signing.  
  • She in finally crawling.  I feel like we waited forever for this one but in reality she has been right on time with all of her developmental milestones, including crawling.  
  • She loves to spin around in circles on her bum too.
  • She is also pulling up to standing and cruising along the couch and coffee table.  She stands up on any and everything she can get her hands on and is getting stronger by the day.
  • At the end of her naps I find her sitting up in the crib now.  It was a little shocking the first time.  
  • Blake went on her first vacation to Cabo.  She loved it and we didn't have any of those problems that baby websites will tell you about when travelling like sleep problems etc.  Probably because we still are co-sleeping most of the time anyway. She loved swimming in the pool and all of the attention she got from strangers.  Our server one night said she literally "had to hold her" and Blake went right to her.  She also loves the attention so much that she has started staring people down who don't acknowledge her.  It's funny but probably a little rude ;)
  • She still does not sleep through the night but I guess I have given up on that.  It will come when the time is right and it doesn't bother me that much anymore.  I just wish we had a bigger bed so we would all be more comfortable.  I keep her in her crib until that point in the night where I'm just too tired to try again and she gets in bed with us. 
  • After Cabo/at the end of our trip, we all got a cold.  This was the first time Blake has ever been sick but it was really minor.  Still, it's hard to see your little one struggling to breathe through her nose and having even the smallest discomfort.  
  • Blake's facial expressions have gone to a new level.  She started with duck face and then to a pissed off scrunched up face.  Her eyebrows are so expressive and I find myself always making excuses for her saying "it's not you, she just makes that face all the time" but who knows if that's the truth.  
  • She has 5 teeth now.  The top 2 and 3 on the bottom.  They are practically popping up weekly now
  • We are all loving the new house and Blake adjusted just fine to her new bedroom.  She has tons of room to play now which is awesome.
  • She HATES having her diaper changed and has to be distracted with something when on the changing table every single time. 
  • She loves her Cheerios and has expanded her palate to lots of different foods now.  She pretty much likes everything.  She usually lets me know she's done by smacking the spoon out of my hand and spilling the food everywhere. This is why we are working so hard on that "all done" sign ;)
  • She also loves her books and story time.  She loves to turn the pages and I only read her the board books now because she is too destructive with the pages in the paper books.
  • I am still nursing and still pumping at work.  The whole experience has been so worth it but pumping and working really sucks.  It's been difficult in my line of work because it's really hard to step away from my busy section of tables to take a break and my co-workers, who are forced to help me out, really don't care or understand the importance of it.  I don't expect them to but still it makes things hard when you work for tips.  That 15 minutes away from a table can really cause things to go south.  

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