Thursday, February 18, 2016


Recap of 2015

I got a job as a SLPA at Cornerstone Therapies. I love doing therapy and have awesome clients but it's hard to be away from Blake. It will be even harder leaving 2 kids but I think it's good for all of us:

We got Disneyland passes:

 Frozen on Ice blew. her. mind:

I got preggo with Tanner:

Blake was a flower girl in the Bastien wedding:

We are still loving living in Seal Beach:

Princess dresses rule our lives (even at naptime):

Blake turned 2 at Disney (and enjoyed the chocolate cake they gave her at Ariel's Grotto):

We went to Hawaii:



As you can see, we have had an amazing year!

Goals for 2016:

1. Spend as much quality time with my kiddos as possible. Have some fun adventures.
2. Have a few date nights.
3. Start saving some money. It's time to get serious.
4. Carve out a little "me" time. Get back in shape, relax a little, read, have a girl's night.
5. Quit Tsunami. I want real weekends.

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