Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sneak Peek

The wedding was amazing!  If there were problems, the coordinator didn't let me find out.  I'm pretty sure our guests had a great time and most importantly, Kyle and I had a GREAT time.  He may have even danced a little :-)

L'Auberge Del Mar treated us like complete royalty.  We were upgraded to the presidential suite, which was  definitely not in our contract and we were treated like the king and queen where ever we went in the hotel.  Even the valet guys were congratulating us every time we got the car :-)   They know how to do customer service there.  It almost makes me feel guilty to accept it all, being a person in the service industry myself.

We did a mini, 4 day, Del Mar honeymoon because that's all we had the $$ and the time for (plus we really wanted to get back to our fur baby).  It was perfect.  We can't wait to go back next year for our anniversary.

Obviously, we don't have our professional pictures back yet but one of our guests is an amateur photographer and she took some incredible photos.  They are definitely keeping me satisfied so I don't stalk my photographer.

{First Kiss}
{We did it!}
{First Dance}

{My handsome Groom}
{Bestie/MOH caught the bouquet}
{Getting crazy on the dance floor}

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