Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wedding Week

Saturday- Rented The Descendants & wrote thank you notes.  I love George Clooney but this movie was kind of sad in a way that you felt like you were watching someone's real life fall apart.

Sunday-  Was screamed at (F Bombs) in the face by a drunken customer.  So sorry we do not offer hot towels Sir.

Monday-  Relaxing dinner and drinks with the Hubs-to-Be @ Tsunami and watched the Kings win the Stanley Cup yayyyy!!

Tuesday-  Frantically ran errands to get the house, the dog, the bridesmaids, the families, the hubs-to-be, not to mention me ready for this weekend.  Then a nice relaxing(?) afternoon with the crazy kids at one job and then straight to the second to be with adults who act like kids.

Wednesday- Only have to go to one job today yay!! And then mani/pedi and last minute packing and getting everything together.  Leaving in the morning for Del Mar!!!

Thursday-  Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Friday- Wedding Day!!!! <3

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