Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beachy Bedroom

White and beige are so soothing and calming.  I don't know if these pictures quite capture the feel of this room but it's a great way to end your day.

My summer, light, chick-lit, read before I start the heavy Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series I want to read next. (I know I'm so behind everyone else in what they are reading) 

Sand and shells with white candles in hurricanes from Target.

I love this Pottery Barn clock.

Yup those are surfboards in the corner of our bedroom.  :(  We still have some storage problems even with our new bigger apartment.  We are in dire need of a garage.  Kyle is doing a really good job of trying to respect my need for our house to look good even though some things can be inconvenient, like storing his surfboards in the back of his truck.  I am trying my best to be flexible too :)

I really need some new lampshades.  I am thinking about something along this line.  Rustic, natural, beachy material.

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