Friday, November 8, 2013

Blake Olivia: 2 Months

What's been happening this month:
  • Blakey is sleeping through the night!! Not every night but probably 5 out of 7 per week.  If she does get up it's only once and I really don't mind it.  
  • I, on the other hand, am not sleeping through the night.  We go to bed about 10-11pm on work nights and I get up at about 2:30 to pump and then Blake wakes up about 6am.  So everyone is well rested but me :) But it's totally worth it to keep my milk supply up and to pump enough to give her fresh milk for bottles while I'm at work.   My freezer supply is growing slowly also. 
  • I am back at work.   I went back at week 5.  It was hard and I was paranoid all night texting my mom 100 times but it's getting easier and I am learning to let go a little.  It's good for her to spend time with her Grandmas.  
  • Going back to work, caused me to get something called Mastitis.  I didn't pump at work that first night and that was a huge mistake.  I got a plugged duct and it got infected.  I was off work about 9:30pm and by about 11pm I had a fever of 103 and was shaking from pain and the chills in my bed.  Its comes on fast and hits you like a ton of bricks.   It was the sickest I think I have ever been and I had to take care of myself and Blake.  She needed to nurse more often and it hurt for her to eat.  Luckily I had leftover Rx Motrin from her birth so those saved me.  If I stayed ahead of the fever with the Motrin I was ok.  It lasted 3-4 days and needed a doctor's visit for antibiotics.  
  • Breastfeeding set back: the Mastitis caused my milk supply to decrease a huge amount.  I don't know if it was the stress or what but I had to work really hard to get my supply back up.  I will post later about how I made it all work but we are finally back on track and didn't need any formula.
  • Blake is a slow weight gainer but she is already in the 3 month clothes so we must be doing something right.  She's very long and lean :)  I was so sad to put away the newborn clothes that she's already grown out of. 
  • She has started smiling!!! This is by far the best thing to happen all month.  There's nothing like seeing your baby smile at you.  I can't wait for her to start laughing. 
  • I am exclusively cloth diapering now.  I don't make her other care givers (grandmas) do it but when she's with me we only use cloth.  It's a lot easier than I thought it would be and I will do a full post soon.
  • I have the worst mommy-brain.  This actually happened: 
  • She LOVES being in the Ergo Baby carrier strapped to my chest.  Some days we spend all our time walking around and doing housework with her in there to keep her happy. 
  • She loves bath time but hates getting out and dried off.
  • She hates having a wet or dirty diaper but loves getting changed.
  • She loves looking at contrast, especially black and white.
  • She is making a lot of eye contact and looking at faces more.
  • She is drooling and blowing bubbles.
  • I'm trying to get back into working out so I've been riding the stationary bike in our garage while Blake hangs in the Ergo Baby.  She falls right asleep.  
  • She's almost got her thumb in there.  Might be a thumb sucker like her mama.
  • She watched her first Laker game.
  • bestie just found out she's having a boy in March :)

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