Monday, January 16, 2017

Taco 'Bout a Party! Tanner is ONE!

And for my last monthly post of Tanner's 1st year...

Here's what's been happening this month:
  • Tanner is basically running now (or at least speed walking) and he is still into everything.  He is getting really steady now and can maneuver around things and step over things easily.
  • Sleep is a little more tricky these days and he is getting a little bit clingy to me.  
  • He is tough to take out places lately, especially by myself.  He will not sit in a high chair for very long and will not tolerate the Ergo Baby for as long as he used to.  Not to mention, he loves to experiment with his volume :)
  • We still hit up Disneyland as much as possible (every other week or so).  Blake is pretty darn good when we are there considering her "threenager, I do whatever I want" stage.  Tanner needs more of my attention and Blake is pretty patient and helpful.
  • Blake still really loves her baby brother. She is always kissing him and trying to help take care of him.
  • He now has 6 teeth. Four on top and 2 on the bottom.  That's 2 less than Blake at this age. I am brushing his teeth with the finger brush and he loves to bite my fingers. Hard!
  • He loves music and both kids are super into the music from the new Disney movie Moana. 
  • He is now drinking cow's milk along with his breast milk.  He has also started water and is using a sippy cup.  He does really well with both the straw cup and the traditional sippy.
  • He still nurses on demand and is probably waking more at night to make up for missing out all day when I'm at work.  So for that reason, I'm not too mad about the constant wake ups.
  • His current loves: baths, music, running, climbing, stopping to lay his head down on anything soft (blanket or pillow etc) that he comes across, high 5s, giving kisses, smacking the spoon out of my hand to see what happens to the food, walks in the stroller, kicking off all shoes and socks, and all types of food.
  • His receptive language skills are strong. He is following directions and identifying common objects really accurately. 
  • It feels like he is changing by the day.
  • No real words yet but lots of different babble sounds now.
  • His stats are: 21 lbs, 30.25 inches tall. His head is still really large.  I hope that doesn't mean anything to be concerned about.  The doctor doesn't seem to mind it. 

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