Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our favorite App

This is the quickest, easiest appetizer (and it will disappear in seconds). The recipe comes from my future mother-in-law and Kyle always called it his mom's "bean-dip."  Once I got the recipe from her, I realized it's more like chili-dip but either way the boys love it.  It is becoming my go-to for any Laker game night or casual event.  It's not gourmet (or healthy), but it's de-licious :)

1 can of Dennison's Chili with Beans
1 block of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Heat and mix together and Voila! :)

I serve it with Fritos.
You could use any brand of any of the ingredients, these are just the ones that we like.


Christina Basye-Carlson said...

A must try on B! Miss you

Mara said...

We need to get together. Maybe we can have you over to our new place when we get settled also :)