Friday, April 6, 2012

Goodbye to Our First Home

We are moving, yay!! We found a bigger place that will be much more comfortable for us but it is so bittersweet to leave our first place.  This is the little house that started it all.  It's where we adopted our baby Cody and where we got engaged.  I will miss our annual 4th of July party and Cody will miss his best bud Tucker, the chocolate lab next door.  We have shared so many memories here and will always look back fondly at our tiny one bedroom house on 11th Street.

But, it's time to move on, time to spread our wings.  Hopefully soon we will be expanding our family and we need the extra space.  People have been sending wedding gifts and I'm starting to feel like a hoarder in this tiny house :)  I'm also looking forward to having an actual table to eat at, furniture for people to sit on and the possibility of actually entertaining guests.  It's exciting to start fresh on a blank canvas too and hopefully I can put some of my Pinterest ideas to good use.

One thing I really love about this house are the Cherry Blossom trees in the front yard.  One day, when we finally own our own home, I would love to plant some in our garden to pay homage to the house where it all began.


thecoffeehouse said...

oh how i love cherry blossoms. we have them all over town and i really don't think i can ever move for that reason alone. umm, your dog ... sooo adorable. cuter than my dog, but we won't tell sherman that. :)

Dandy said...

So cute, I love the idea of adding cherry blossoms as you move around. Where are you now?

Mara {One Lucky Girl} said...

We are in the Huntington Harbor area. Sort of close to where you and I used to live but across Warner, more in the actual harbor area. And the best part is, we now have a Trader Joe's here so it's right across the street :) Are your parent's still in HB?