Monday, May 7, 2012

Angry Birds

I made the first batch of these Angry Birds a while back to play with the kids at work and they were a HUGE hit.  So much so that the cans have been bent and the paint is coming off and there were numerous arguments over who was allowed to build the contraption with the pigs in it and where they put the pigs.  The kids were so creative and set up the most amazing displays using the outdoor blocks (plastic) and the indoor blocks (wooden) together.  They can recall basically every level of the game and recreate it.  The only problem they had with my game was that the bird wasn't angry enough (I should have done his eyebrows at a sharper angle) and that I didn't have the exploding black angry bird :)

Anyway, since it is in such high demand, I made some more pigs today to add to the collection.  They aren't perfect but I think they are pretty darn cute.

{My original set}

{The newest batch}

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Sarah said...

Hello! I know this is late, but thanks for the comment!
That's exactly what The Help did to me too. I wasn't able to put it down!
Hope you enjoyed it!