Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bridal Beauty

Now that I am in the final countdown I am getting serious about looking my best on the big day.

  • Biotin-people swear by this supplement so I have been taking it for the last few weeks.  Stay tuned to see if my hair, skin and nails improve :)

  • Hope in a Jar- I needed a new moisturizer and I bought this based on a recommendation.  I have used it once and it smells like a spa day!

  • I wanted a Clarisonic but didn't want to shell out $150-200.  I found the Olay Pro X that was $29.99.  I can't compare the two because I only have the Olay version but so far I like it and my skin is super soft.  

  • Water! Water! Water! - I have been trying to drink as much as possible.  I have been carrying around a huge bottle with me all day.  One of my kids at school said "Oh my gosh Miss. Mara, where did you find a water bottle that big.  I have never seen one!"  Hahaha 2nd graders crack me up.

  • Tanning- I know it's bad but you only get married once, right?  I haven't been going but I plan on getting a month unlimited membership on the 15th so I will use half before the bachelorette in Vegas and half before the wedding.  
Also I want to try out tanning wipes.  People say that they are wayyyyyy better than any other self tanner.  No streaking.  

  • Diet and Exercise - My biggest challenge by far!  I have a hard time with discipline in this area.  I always feel better when I work out but for some reason that is just not enough motivation.  Also I have a serious sugar addiction, and so does Kyle.  Luckily we just moved a little bit farther away from Dairy Queen so hopefully there won't be any more after-dinner Blizzard runs :)

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Dandy said...

I love Hope in a Jar- I use all Philosophies skin care products.

Tell me how you like biotin and the bronze!