Thursday, April 25, 2013

20 Weeks

  • How Far Along:  20 weeks

  • Baby Size: About the size of a banana.

  • Total Weight Gain: 8lbs  Right on track :)

  • Maternity Clothes: I’m wearing both maternity and non maternity. 

  • Stretch Marks: Nope.

  • Sleep: I am still sleeping well.  Really trying to stay off my back now that I’m getting bigger.

  • Best Moment of the week: Kyle got to feel her kicking.  It happened in Hawaii out of nowhere.  Just one day you couldn’t feel it and the next you could.  Amazing.

  • Miss Anything?: Not really missing anything right now.  Maybe just the ability to quickly and fully bend forward.  Picking things up off the floor at work is getting more uncomfortable.  Not painful, just feels weird.  

  • Movement:  I feel movement all the time now.  Still not very strong though.

  • Food Cravings: Not really.

  • Anything Making you queasy or sick: Nope.

  • Gender: Girl.

  • Labor Signs:  No.

  • Symptoms: I don’t know if this is a symptom or not but the weather has been really nice and I seem to get tan like nothing.  Maybe hormonal?

  • Belly Button in or out: In.

  • Wedding Rings on or off: On.

  • Mood: Good.  Hawaii really relaxed some of my anxieties.

  • Looking forward to: Planning the nursery in our new apartment.

  • Exercise:  Working out regularly now and loving it. It’s been easier to eat healthier now also.
  • Babymoon: Hawaii was exactly what we needed and I survived the flight.  It actually wasn’t that bad at all.
  • Pet Peeve: Strangers, particularly customers, touching me.  Really people. STOP awkwardly rubbing my belly. For random strangers or acquaintances I just pull away from them or grab/rub their bellies, this really gets their attention so I think it’s funny, but with customers I’m stuck because I need their tip to pay my rent.  So annoying.
  • Scary: I had a higher level of amniotic fluid and my baby was also on the higher side in her weight. The doctor said this is normal and we will check it in another ultrasound at my next appointment but I couldn't help but Google both of these things and the common factor is Diabetes!!! I was already a little afraid of this since I have a serious sweet tooth and a little bit of a family history.  I'm trying not to overreact and have decided to change up my diet just in case.  It can't hurt to limit the sweets anyway right?

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