Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tanner James: 10 months

{climbing the rocking chair}

  • His hair is covering his ears on the sides now. Not sure how he is going to sit still for that first hair cut.
  • He got 4 teeth at once and I think they are still coming.
  • Sleep hasn't been so great. Probably partly because of the teeth and also, now that he's older, co-sleeping is hard because if he wakes up and sees Kyle in bed he wants to crawl over and play which is not so cute at 3am.
  • Still super happy boy and he loves to flash his dimples at anyone who will make eye contact with him.
  • He loves his big sis and follows her around laughing at everything she does. He's starting to fight back a little if she tries to boss him around though.
  • He runs so hot. He gets so sweaty when he sleeps. It's crazy but I've Googled (of course) and I think we are still in the normal range ;)
  • We all keep getting sick.  We share everything in this house including every illness that comes within 50 feet of us.
  • Tanner is finally starting to imitate and is high fiving.
  • He has bumps and bruises constantly and we have had to start getting rid of everything not bolted down for his safety. He's definitely a climber.
  • If he's not eating or sleeping, he/s on the move.
  • He had his 1st Halloween. We did a family costume of Blake's choosing. She was Alice in Wonderland, Tanner was the White Rabbit, and Kyle and I were Tweedle Dee/Dum.
  • Taking 2-3 steps at a time now.

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