Thursday, December 27, 2012

Vanilla Extract

I love handmade gifts.  I think they are so much more special than something purchased at Target (not that I don't love Target).  This year I made homemade pure vanilla extract.  The most important part is the beans.  I got the beans on Amazon and opted for the Madagascar Bourbon variety.  There are tons of different types of vanilla but these were the most recommended online.  Good quality is very important and they can be expensive so shop around.

I got the jars at Save-On-Crafts.  The recipe is 3 vanilla beans (split down the middle but leave attached at one end) for every 8oz of vodka.  So just stick the beans in the jar with the vodka and keep in a cool dark place, like your pantry, for 2-3 months.  

I did these for Christmas this year but I made a few extra to keep around for hostess or housewarming gifts. It seems like I have been needing a lot of those lately.

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