Thursday, June 20, 2013

28 Weeks

The 3rd Trimester.  WoooHooo, I’m in the home stretch now.

  • How Far Along:  28 weeks

  • Baby Size: About the size of an eggplant.

  • Total Weight Gain: 13lbs at last appointment but I’m in between right now.

  • Maternity Clothes: My selection is getting more limited now.  I can’t squeeze into some of the things I could last month J

  • Stretch Marks: Still no.

  • Sleep:  I’m sleeping well but I get heartburn at night so I have to sleep on 2 pillows. 

  • Best Moment of the week: Getting the all clear on my glucose test.

  • Miss Anything?: Sushi.

  • Movement:  She’s kicking me in the ribs lately.  It might be getting cramped in there for little Blakey.

  • Food Cravings: No.

  • Anything Making you queasy or sick: No.

  • Gender: Girl.

  • Labor Signs:  No.

  • Symptoms:  Nesting like crazy.

  • Belly Button in or out: Flat.

  • Wedding Rings on or off: On.

  • Mood: Good.  I’m still feeling great.

  • Looking forward to:  Completing the nursery.  Putting it all together has been so fun J

  • Exercise:  Lower impact now but I’m still working out as much as I can.
  • Scary Moment: About 10 days before my last appointment I found a breast lump.  I have never had anything like that so I didn’t know what to think.  I called the doctor to see if I should come in sooner or wait until my appointment.  They said “oh it’s probably nothing, you can wait.”  At my appointment, my doctor said “well it’s probably just a cyst but let’s have an ultrasound just in case.  It won’t be anything, don’t worry.”  I made my appointment at the breast center and they took me into the room and the tech said “ok the doctor will come in to do the ultrasound but don’t worry, it’s probably nothing.”  The doctor came in and did the scan for about two seconds and said “well it’s not a cyst, it’s a solid mass. Do you mind if we do a biopsy today?”  I said “no but can you go get my husband in the waiting room?”  She says, “well ok I guess I can allow it but some husbands make things worse and I don’t want him fainting.”  WTF? My husband is an EMT.  He sees blood and guts daily and I would like to take a breath for a minute and talk to him.  They did the biopsy, which isn’t too invasive but does include a titanium clip/marker being permanently inserted and a big hole and bruise left behind.  Mostly, it is the overwhelming feeling of HOLY SHIT what am I going to do if this is cancer and I’m pregnant.  I can’t treat it the way you normally would, I can’t take care of this baby and be sick, I can’t leave Kyle with all of this burden on him.  After the doctor was done and bandaged me up she said, “ok we should know in about 2 days so just don’t think about it.  Needless to say, Kyle and I had a long night and they actually called me the very next day with the results.  It is a lactating adenoma.  Basically a pregnancy related, tumor in the milk duct and it is benign.  They are not normal, but they aren’t exactly rare either.  My OB called me a few days after to see if I got the results and she sounded surprised by the whole situation.  I love that once she heard about it she called to check in and see that I was ok.  I really do love my doctor.  On the other hand, if I did turn out to have a malignancy, I would have been shopping around at the breast center for another doctor.  In the end it turned out ok and Kyle and I had the best possible anniversary weekend with extra things to celebrate J 


This Sarah Loves said...

That's so scary! And doctors can be so darn insensitive sometimes... Ugh. I can imagine that I'd want my husband with me too. Glad everything turned out OKAY!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Oh man, that is scary! So glad it turned out okay! You are so adorable with that baby girl!!