Monday, June 3, 2013

Simplifying My Routine

Ok so a few months ago, based on the advice of a friend, I changed up my skincare routine.  She told me that all she ever uses is Dove Sensitive Skin bar soap on her face.  We both have combo skin that tends to be dry.  I personally hate the feeling of dry skin but I have always used a cleanser designated for the face like Neutrogena because I was afraid of acne.  My skin always feels dry after a shower so I just moisturize immediately.  She claimed that this bar soap left her skin soft and never dry.  I was skeptical but I figured I would give it a try and if it worked out, I would end up saving money.  Also, I happened to already use Dove Sensitive Skin body wash so I had it in my shower.  It was just too convenient not to try it.

My new routine is Dove with my Olay Pro X once a day, which leaves my skin feeling amazing, I mean I noticed it the very first time I used it.  And then just the Dove if I need to wash my face again that day (I don't like to overdo exfoliation).  I have had literally NO breakouts and my skin tone is becoming more even.  It might be in my head but I feel like my pores are smaller too.  I waited to post about it until after I had been doing it a while to make sure the results were accurate and I am proud to say that this is my new way of life.  I love it.  It's so much cheaper and easier to be all-in-one now.  If only I could wash my hair with it...

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