Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pregnancy Must-Haves

1. Palmer's Cocoa butter- I have been using this religiously and still have no stretch marks.  I can't say it's from the Palmer's or that I won't get them eventually but so far so good.

2. Prenatal Yoga- Yoga really clears my head when I'm stressed out. It is also keeping me in shape and flexible, along with my other workouts.

3. Maternity Leggings/Jeans- Motherhood was the best place for me to find pants at a reasonable price. Target was horrible! I do have some dresses and tops from Target that are good but I mostly got the basics at Motherhood. When it came time, maternity jeans were a welcome change. They are so much more comfortable and the BellaBand just did not work for me. As it gets hotter, I plan on relying on maxi dresses.

4. Body Pillow- I have the Snoogle pillow. I honestly have not had trouble sleeping but this thing really is comfy and for people who do have trouble sleeping I'm sure it is a huge help.

5. Google- Baby books are outdated before they even hit the shelves. When I wanted  info, I wanted it ASAP and reading through an entire book filled with 90% info I already knew or didn't care about just was not going to cut it.  No, you can't trust everything you read online but who says you can trust everything you read in a book?  I gathered as much info as I could, asked my doc what she thought, and then formed my own opinion when it came to pregnancy questions.

6. Decaf Green Tea- I'm a huge green tea and coffee drinker.  Tea for pregnancy is particularly difficult to find because you're not supposed to have certain herbs and they are in everything.  Basically everything Starbucks carries has a questionable herb in it.  I ended up finding decaf green tea from Trader Joes that is pretty good.

7. A supportive and patient husband- This is the biggest must have of all.  Kyle has been amazing throughout this whole process.  He doesn't baby me, which I hate, and even though he's busy and stressed also, he is there for whatever I need.

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