Wednesday, July 24, 2013


First, I will start with Blake's closet.  I used a cabinet above an open shelf in her room for Blake's wardrobe.  I already use the regular size closet for my clothes so this was the only place I had left.  It worked out perfectly because I could customize this space with paint and a homemade chandelier, making it a cute display for her tiny pink clothes and shoes.

From a wider angle, you can see exactly how the cabinet sits in the room.  The clothes hanger bar is just a shower curtain tension rod that I got from Target and hung in there.  I added baskets to hold the loose items like swaddle blankets, hats, headbands, and socks.  I always love matching hangers for a clean look and these were very cheap (like less than $2 for a semi-big bundle of them) from Target.
{The shelf underneath is yet to be styled so I tried not to show that for now.  Also to the right, is her bathroom which for now is just painted pink and does not have accessories}

Blake's tiny shoe collection.  We have tons of clothes but might need to expand this area.  I have a feeling she will just be in socks for a while so I know I have time :)

Another angle to show the chandelier.  This is the same one that I made a while back and used to hang in my old walk in closet.

I painted the stripes on the wall, which was not that bad actually, using a laser level, painters tape and a little bit of patience.  Also, if you are prego, ask for the safe paint at Home Depot that doesn't give off as strong of fumes.
The framed prints came from Etsy, the changing table pad and polka dot cover are from Pottery Barn Kids, and the baskets are from Babies R Us. 

The crib bedding is from the Harper collection at Pottery Barn Kids and the adorable elephant was a gift.  I made the hanging letters with materials from Hobby Lobby. 

Her hamper is from Babies R Us and the "baby" sign hanging from it came on a baby present gift bag that I saved because I thought it was so cute.  

 These pillows were also a gift and are from Home Goods.  It's amazing how well they go with the nursery decor.  I am still planning on getting some kind of chair for this corner, rocking or otherwise, but for now they are just hanging out in this corner making it cozier.

And last, this is my somewhat small collection of cloth diapers.  I have started with the Sunbaby brand of pocket diapers because they came recommended and were the cheapest to buy in bulk.  I currently have 24 of them and am starting slowly with a hybrid approach, where you do both disposables and cloth.  I will be sure to have a post later on to update how the cloth diapering is going.  It seems to be a great debate so for now I have no expectations except that I really want to give this a try and I hope it works out.  It's so much cheaper and better for our planet.  

Next, I need to add an area for a baby library, find a chair, finish her bathroom, and style that clutter filled shelf.  More on that later...


Gretchen Burke said...

Do you know the name/brand of paint color for the grey and white room?


Mara {One Lucky Girl} said...

I think the paint color was from Glidden and it's called Pebble Grey. I got it at Home Depot. They color matched it with a paint brand that was low fumes and safe for me while I was pregnant. The white was the existing color on our walls and we rent so I assume it is Dunn Edwards Swiss Coffee (like all apartments I've ever lived in).
I hope this helps :)

Gauri Bhatt said...

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Libellule verte said...

Hi! Your nursery is beautiful! I am finishing my baby girl's room and I really like your framed prints. From which Etsy shop did you purchase them? Thanks a lot!

Mara {One Lucky Girl} said...

Amanda Kight said...

Where did you get the baskets??

Mara {One Lucky Girl} said...

Amanda Kight. Babies R Us :-)